The public eye is dedicated to securing the enabling technologies of the 21st century.

Data center consolidation and cloud computing fuels the demand for ubiquitous, transparent cyber defense that provides for reasonable risk management by people who must suffer the consequences of risk. You do not operate in a fortress but rather on the high seas of the global internet. It’s time to alter perceptions of security and IT and bring them  out of the domain of wizards and black magic into the light of the public forum.

Do you have a strategic plan for cloud technology?.  

     The whole idea of cloud is to allow flexibility to evolve your business processes through shared services available on demand from proven environments.    Vendors all spin their products to promise capability around software, platform and infrastructure as a service but the risk is high as to how well they really do the job and long evaluations & PoCs only add to the cost of the project.  Integrators and prime contractors promise to take the problem off off your hands but that process is what led to open ended efforts with over-budget projects and disappointing results.

Wasn’t cloud supposed to provide budget relief?

Public Eyes Risk provides a collaborative partner that assists agencies by listening, then educating and only then advising on the applicability of technologies and vendors, providing an impartial assessment of their potential as viable parts of your cloud solution stack. We will introduce you to vendors when appropriate and give our assessment of them but at all times the agency is free to make its own architectural and vendor decisions.

Cloud does offer the ability to relieve your organization from the physical and manpower burden of maintaining traditional data centers much like the internet provided commercial stores relief from brick and mortar retail operations and streamlined supply chains.  The trick is to ensure that you are putting the right things in the cloud and that you have comprehensive visibility and control over your data as it goes from your agency to any location in the cloud and beyond.  The whole point of IT is information.  You need to protect your information before it leaves your agency, ensure persistent security that only you can unlock and manage the risk of that information throughout its life-cycle.  You can only do this by providing a control point for data going to and from the cloud.  Think of it as the “information supply chain”. 

...Of course, this is easier said than done.


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Security is an illusion,

     but  Risk is real!  

            Are you managing  it?